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Our pupils wear our uniform proudly as a sign of belonging to the Academy.

We are thankful for the support of parents and carers in ensuring pupils come to school in the correct uniform.

How to buy

The Academy blazer, tie and PE kit can be bought from the Academy. We are the only authorised supplier of our school uniform. As your child outgrows their uniform or needs new items, you can purchase new items via our ParentMail app.

Once you have placed your order, it will be available to collect school the next day. Please tell your child to collect their order from the main reception.

All pupils have to wear:

  • Black blazer with Academy logo
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • White shirt
  • Year group tie
  • Plain black leather/faux leather shoes
  • Black socks or black tights

Pupils can also choose to wear a plain black jumper under their blazer. If a pupil wishes to wear a headscarf or turban, we ask that is that the material is plain black.

We also ask pupils to bring a sensible school bag, pencil case with stationery, a pupil planner and a suitable waterproof outside coat.

Each year group has their own colour tie:

Year 7- black with yellow stripes

Year 8 – black with purple stripes

Year 9 – black with blue stripes

Year 10 –  black with green stripes

Year 11 – black with white stripes

PE Kit

  • Royal blue PE shirt (with logo)
  • Black shorts (with logo)
  • Royal blue football socks/ plain sports socks
  • Sports trainers

Pupils also have the option of wearing:

  • Plain black tracksuit (with logo)
  • Academy black sports/dance leggings or plain black leggings
  • Split sole Jazz shoe for KS3 Dance lessons only 

Uniform Rules

No hoodies, hats, caps or outerwear are allowed to be worn in the Academy buildings. We suggest these are kept in the bag to avoid any issues.

Jewellery, body piercings and make-up are not a part of the Academy uniform. This includes nails, which must be natural and of an acceptable length due to health and safety requirements.

Trainers of any sort, including converse, are not permitted in the Academy except for PE sessions. Footwear that is branded with a sports logo or name is also not permitted. All shoes must be black leather/faux leather.

Pupils are not permitted to attend the Academy with any form of pattern shaved into their heads or eyebrows. Mohican style haircuts and unnatural colouring to hair are also not accepted.

Uniform Exchange 

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and assisting parents and carers with uniform expenses, the academy offers a uniform exchange program accessible to all pupils. We maintain a selection of pre-owned academy blazers and unbranded items for pupils to choose from.

Pupils should speak to Mr Cooper if they need to access the uniform exchange.

If you have any questions please contact your child’s Year Team and remember information about uniform can be found in the pupil planners.