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Rewarding Achievement

We believe that all our pupils can achieve success. We celebrate success and applaud our pupils’ effort and determination whenever they really go ‘the extra mile’ to be the best that they can be.


In addition to positive praise, we use a variety of rewards for all pupils to celebrate their successes both in and out of lessons.

Pupils are given Achievement Points which they can use to buy equipment and other items at our pupil run shop. Pupils who run the shop carry out a pupil voice session to make sure that the rewards on offer are what each year group would like.

Points are given to pupils in the five areas below. These areas were chosen by our pupils during a pupil voice activity:

Proud– Pupils are proud to wear the full uniform and to be a great ambassador for our academy

Prepared – Pupils are prepared for learning and bring the necessary equipment every day

Polite – Pupils are demonstrate our values and are polite

Positive – Pupils are resilient, they persevere and they keep trying

Punctual – Pupils are punctual to school and to all lessons

Achievement Points are also issued for:

Attendance – 97% to 100% attendance to the academy for the week

Extra-Curricular – participation in extra-curricular activities

Pupils with full attendance and outstanding behaviour for the year are invited to attend our end of year reward trip. We also hold regular assemblies and award events during the year where we celebrate the achievements of our pupils including success in lessons, exemplary attendance, demonstrating the academy values and the ‘North Manchester Way’.

We like to let parents and carers know about their child’s achievements and our staff will do this through a range of methods including: praise postcards, congratulatory letters and telephone calls home.